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Exploring The Common Boxing Moves: Four Basic Punches

From Rocky Marciano to Cassius Clay, the sport of boxing has seen the transition from bare knuckle brawling to regulation boxing gloves. The styles of fighting, stances, and defensive techniques have all come a long way since its origins during the mid-1700s. Boxing, which is also referred to as prizefighting, involves participants that are grouped by weight to enter fights that use their fists during one to three minute intervals called rounds.

Today, boxers (or fighters)...

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New Fitness Article - 3 Powerful Motivation Tips For Ripped Abs

3 Powerful Motivation Tips For Ripped Abs

Make your new fitness habits much more productive with the best 3 motivational tips that will keep you going to the gym and dieting with a smile on your face every time.

. . . mo...

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