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Now On Sale - Vertigo Magazine - November 2014



The fifth issue of Vertigo is now on sale.  It features model Kristy Ann from Pennsylvania along with many other beauties.  This is the largest issue to date, so make sure you pick up your copy.


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The History of Werewolves

Werewolves are one of legend's most fearsome animals. Part man and part wolf, the werewolf is huge, mean, and regularly wild. 

As just a couple of legendary animals can assert, werewolves have been depicted all through distinctive parts of the world for quite a long time. Stories of men going on deadly frenzies as a fiendishness wolf were recorded as ahead of schedule as the late 1500s in Fra...

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Exploring The Common Boxing Moves: Four Basic Punches

From Rocky Marciano to Cassius Clay, the sport of boxing has seen the transition from bare knuckle brawling to regulation boxing gloves. The styles of fighting, stances, and defensive techniques have all come a long way since its origins during the mid-1700s. Boxing, which is also referred to as prizefighting, involves participants that are grouped by weight to enter fights that use their fists during one to three minute intervals called rounds.

Today, boxers (or fighters)...

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